Monthly Membership


3 easy steps to sign up for the
Monthly Membership for 1600czk per month*


STEP 1. Fill in the “Terms & Conditions” form below & submit

STEP 2. Set up your bank transfer to
MBank Bernadett Rompos
(with “Monthly Membership”
written in the Subject Line)

STEP 3. Send us a screenshot of the transfer via e-mail to


Monthly Paperless Unlimited Membership Agreement with Prague Yoga Collective Terms & Conditions

This package includes:

  • Unlimited access to all regular scheduled classes (60-75-90 minutes)

  • 10% off workshops

  • 10% off merchandise

  • One free friend drop-in per month (new to PYC)

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By typing your name in the fields, you agree to the Terms & Conditions detailed in this contract
This agreement entitles the buyer to twelve months of unlimited yoga classes at the rate of CZK1600 per month, at Prague Yoga Collective. The agreement does not extend to any workshops or special events, kids, babysitting, pre-natal, or baby class, but is solely for the purpose of attending any regularly scheduled adult yoga classes. The student is expected to attend classes appropriate for his/her level of fitness, and should consult a teacher if he or she is unsure which classes to attend. If there is any question as to a medical condition, please have your doctor approve your participation in yoga. Prague Yoga Collective reserves the right to alter class times and dates as necessary, and agrees to refund or transfer any unused monthly dues in the event of closure or move. *
My signature certifies my understanding of and agreement with this contract. I agree to make monthly payments as detailed in this contract.

 How does this work?

1. Payments should be set up as a monthly bank-transfer standard payment and paid to:

MBank Bernadett Rompos 670100-2215445276/6210 (with “Monthly Membership” written in the Subject Line)

2. All monthly payments must be paid within the 30 day payment period. All payments coming in after the agreed upon payment period are subject to the standard monthly rate of 2000czk.

3. Members may put membership on a one time hold for up to 60 days during a 12 month period. This option will only be rewarded when requested by e-mail to If the membership is put on hold for longer than 60 days within the 12 month commitment period then the member will be charged a 500czk reactivation fee.

4. In case of significant illness or injury (documented or seen in person by PYC staff within one week of injury or falling ill) which prevents the member from practicing the membership may be put on hold with no penalty.

5. Membership prices are subject to change. In the event of a change in membership price, this would only be applied after 12 consecutive months have passed from member’s first sign up. Members will be notified via email of any price increase to their memberships.

6. You may cancel your Membership at any time without penalty. We do not provide refunds for unused portions or pro-rated months. Cancellation of your Membership shall be effective the following payment period. If you are moving or need to cancel your membership, keep in mind to cancel in time as you will be charged once more for your package.

7. Memberships are non refundable and non transferable.

Congratulations and welcome to the PYC family!

Lisa, Alex & Betti