Bruce Chung

April 26-28th, 2019

He’s back! You guys asked and we made it happen!

Bruce will be with us for 2 weeks in the end of April to share all of his knowledge with you guys.

Bruce is coming to PYC for the last 2 weeks of April, and he’ll be available to you guys in the form of regular classes during the week (awesome, right?!) His visit will peak at the last weekend of April when he’ll be sharing his expertise with us in detail again. If you missed out last time, this is your chance! And if you went last time, you’ll want to come in for more this time around too!

Full Weekend (Fri-Sun): 2900
Single Workshop: 1200
Special Master Class Only: 900
EARLY-BIRD (book before March 31st!) 2500 for the FULL weekend

What will you learn?

I Got Your Back: The Art of Backbending

Friday 18.00-20.30

The backbend is one of the deepest, most beautiful expressions of an open heart and mind within the yoga practice.

Because of their complexity, backbends can easily be misunderstood and poorly executed. In this masterclass, we will discover how to achieve health and longevity for the spine through spinal extension that is supported through the strength of your legs and core. We will further learn the muscular engagement that provides the greatest and safest mobilising of the thoracic spine.

Practicing foundational backbends like upward facing dog and upward facing bow directs our pathway toward more advanced backbends like forearm balance, hollowback, and king pigeon pose. Expect to open and strengthen your upper back, shoulders, side body, and thoracic and lumbar spine. Tap into your potential through the opening of your heart, and you will leave feeling energised and free.

This practice is open to practitioners of all levels.

Find Mobility to Create Stability (& Strength)

Saturday 14.30-17.00 & Sunday 13.00-15.30

As dynamic asana practice continues to evolve it is becoming evident that mobility of the joints is important in cultivating a practice that has longevity. If the joints have limited mobility while bearing weight, they are at risk of injury -- stabilising the joints is key in maintaining a safe and healthy practice.

When you understand how to activate the muscles around your major joints and create support, it can help you to move in and out of postures with structural integrity and allow for proper growth in the stabiliser muscles.

In this 2-part workshop, we will look at creating mobility in the wrists, shoulders, and hips and relate them to our yoga practice, as well as everyday activities. You will be given mobility exercises from the FRC system (Functional Range Conditioning) that will improve your capacity to actively move your joints through their full range of motion, and experience how that directly impacts your practice, to give you a feeling of lightness and strength.

Join one or both of the sessions, which will be led in the style of vinyasa, and include the workshopping and application of stabilising exercises, dynamic movements, and self-discovery.

Session 1: Saturday 14.30-17.00

Hip & Wrist Mobility | Arm Balances

Session 2: Sunday 13.00-15.30

Shoulder & Wrist Mobility | Inversions

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See you on the mat!