Carson Calhoun

August 16-18th, 2019

We are so excited to be able to bring the one and only Rocket Yogi, Carson Calhoun to Prague Yoga Collective!

A self-described “Handstand-Up Comedian,” Carson combines his love for being upside-down with his natural ability to make people laugh. His classes, workshops, and continuing education modules encourage students to push their limits and explore their edge, while maintaining a playful attitude. In every instance, you can be sure to break a sweat, learn something new, and leave with a smile on your face.

Full Weekend (Fri-Sun): 3500 (MultiSport 3300)
Single Workshop: 1000 (MultiSport 1100)
Special Inversion Master Class Only: 900 (MultiSport 800)
*MultiSport users get 100 off each day, just remember to bring your card.

What will you learn?

Beginners Handstand Workshop

Friday 18.00-20.30

This workshop is perfect for students starting an inversion practice, or for teachers looking for tips to help beginner students. We will cover the fundamentals of inverting, and learn how to use the wall and other props to get you started safely on this journey. No upside-down experience required, just a positive outlook and a desire to learn.

Tricky Transitions

Saturday 10.30-13.00 

In this workshop, we will dive deeper into the trickier elements of inverting: handstand pressing, floating in sun salutations, transitioning in and out of arm balances, and many more drills to take with you to your home practice. *Prerequisites: a comfortable crow pose and some experience upside-down.

Floating with Breath

Saturday 14.00-16.30 

Learn to float! This workshop will cover the basics of floating: Pranayama/Breath work, Bandhas/Core control, and Focus/Meditation practices. Using the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga, we will cultivate strength and grace in the movements, building to a pike press handstand and a floating Jedi Sun Salutation. All levels welcome.

Yoga for Strength

Sunday 10.00-12.30 

Learn techniques to make your yoga practice stronger. In this workshop, we will use body weight exercises to build arm and shoulder stability, core control, and a stronger pair of legs. All levels welcome.

*Special* Inversion Master Class

(Teachers and Strong Practitioners)

Sunday 14.00-16.00

In this master class, we will explore advanced poses and transitions that you won't see in your everyday vinyasa class such as handstands, forearm-stands, press-ups, hollow- backs, floating, flying, etc. Attendees don't have to be yoga teachers, but a strong yoga practice is a prerequisite for this intimate experience.

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See you on the mat!