Teachers' Collective


Rosibel Marquez

Yoga Alliance RYT-200® and Hormone Yoga Therapy HYT by Dinah Rodrigues.

She has been working tirelessly since moved to Prague several years ago to forge her English language yoga teaching business from ground zero to become a renowned teacher in Prague. She commands a loyal and dedicated following in the city, sought after by Czech and foreign clients for her challenging public classes. Studied and practiced Yoga for more than 10 years with renowned teachers of different styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Dharma Mittra and Jivamukti in North and South America, India and Europe. Throughout her creative, unique and effective Vinyasa sequences, you will be guided into the postures in a detailed manner to consciously experience the practice and the breathing, for an enjoyable and rich journey to the body and mind.

Rosibel teaches Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays 5.15pm and Saturdays 8.30am.  


Kristyna Nikodymová

My classes varies and are influenced by my personal practice and studies which includes styles such as power, vinyasa, ashtanga, restorative and yin yoga. The intention of my yoga classes is to help you discover, as yoga helped me to find myself, made life easier and happier, and that's why it is so meaningful for me. The basis of my teaching philosophy is that anyone can practice yoga no matter the body type, age, gender, experience or skills. My classes are accessible to all levels, from beginners but also challenging for more experienced students. I always pay attention to each student and their needs. I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!

Kristyna teaches Power Flow on Tuesdays 4pm and Yin Yoga on Sundays 6pm.


Tobias Lorenz

Tobias teaches Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays 6.45pm

Vuslat Şentürk

11102017 1294.PNG

I always was into sports since I was little. I played volleyball in elementary school, challenged myself with mountaineering and rock climbing in college. I always had the desire to push my limits within this body.
When I graduated and got a job, this active, life full of sport turned into a routine, corporate lifestyle, where I was only sitting for hours and hours.
After spending seven years as a web developer, one day, I met yoga and I loved it. As I practiced more and more, I could not get enough of it.
Because, yoga gave me a new dimension to discover; me, myself and my body.
That's when I decided to take a sharp turn with my career and quit my job and started learning and teaching yoga. One of the best decisions ever!
I attended teacher trainings, workshops, retreats whenever I had the chance to do so. At last, I completed my 500 hour teacher training at India and today here I am in Prague.

I teach classic hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, yoga trapeze, yin yoga and prenatal yoga. Even with the same yoga poses, I like to create different sequences that touches the body playfully and inspires you to be creative.

Vuslat teaches Gentle Flow on Wednesdays 5.15pm, Yin Yoga on Thursdays 8.15pm and Vinyasa Flow on Fridays 7.15pm & Saturdays 10am.


Jenna Patrice

My asana practice began in 2007 when I was still recovering from a shoulder reconstruction in 2006. The first few years of my asana practice were beneficial, but I didn't delve deeper into yoga until I moved to New Orleans in 2012. Once I moved to Nola, I started expanding my practice into ashtanga, iyengar, and anusara. As my knowledge of these forms expanded and I was learning more about alignment and safety in the poses, so did my thirst to learn even more.

After researching all the local yoga schools in New Orleans, Swan River Yoga's 400 hour teacher training was my choice because it described a curriculum that was very focused on all 8 forms of yoga. Thus began my 8 month long 'formal' yoga education. In addition, I have taken supplementary trainings in hands-on-assists, beginners, restorative, and anatomy.

My instruction style and personal practice is still very focused on alignment, but my lifestyle changed to find more balance in all the other forms of yoga as well. I still love exploring all the different ways to practice yoga asana with different styles and find a lot of fulfillment from playing around with AcroYoga to resting in restorative poses, and taking gentle flow classes to pushing myself in more physically demanding classes.

That's my favorite part about yoga, in the end we all have our own practice, our own style, and our own recipe for how the practice will help us find our bliss.

Jenna teaches Restorative Yoga on Mondays 8.30pm, Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays 7.30am, Gentle Flow on Wednesdays 9am and Fridays 4pm and Fundamental Flow on Sundays 9am.

Becky Altman


I started my yoga journey shortly after moving to Prague in 2008 when a friend invited me to a Bikram class. It wasn't exactly love at first sight with this sweaty class but it sparked something in me that has been growing ever since. Yoga took some getting used to as it was a different pace from my regular style of marathons, pilates, and swimming...but I found a deeper connection within myself during these practices.
After a serious back injury, I started to practice more regularly and felt a yearning to learn more about the correct postures to strengthen my own practice. So I attended my first 200 hour teaching training in Tuscany, Italy. Shortly after that, I attended Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Paris to become certified in kids yoga. When I came back to Prague, I wanted to bring this sense of community and support (I felt in my trainings) home, so I started the English community of Yogis United, Prague & Worldwide group. Since completing my YTT, I have worked in primary schools teaching kids mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Most recently, I've turned to meditation as a way to heal my mind and body. In my experience, the thing I love about yoga is that it has something to offer you in all walks of life and requires never-ending growth and this is something I'm definitely looking forward to sharing.

Becky teaches Specially themed Meditations Courses on Tuesdays 8.15pm and Guided Meditation on Sundays 7.30pm.


Michal Večeřa

I started exploring yoga, relaxation and meditation in 2012 to balance my busy professional life. And it not only worked, but it also opened the whole new world for me to discover. So here I am, striving to try different approaches, amazed by their variety and ability to ground me in whatever is going on in my life. I believe we should challenge ourselves to try any technique offered to us, applying critical thinking and deciding what really serves us.
This is how I design my classes, so they offer new ideas and challenges and provide different options. Although I think such universal technique as yoga does not need labels, I like to call my approach “urban yoga”. It means creating a space for mindful exploration, so we can choose the aspects serving our daily urban life, instead of following any dogma.
My education includes teacher trainings at the Czech Yoga Academy and Power Yoga Academy. I also attended a course of vipassana (insight meditation) in seclusion and workshops with different great teachers, such as Bruce Chung, Dalibor Štědronský and Láďa Pokorný. Previously I was teaching classes of yoga and meditation in Prague studios Sedmé nebe and Energy Studio and worked with corporate teams and private clients. I also write articles on yoga and meditation for different media and create yoga-related videos and podcast.

Michal teaches Morning Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am.

Andrea Kepková

Andrea teaches Vinyasa with Intention on Mondays 9am, Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays 12pm and Manifestation Flow on Thursdays at 6.30pm.


Damian Machaj

My name is Damian and I am the resident DJ at Prague Yoga Collective. As one part of DJ duo Urxins I have been on Prague party and queer club scene for more than 10 years. Although, as the years pass by (and I am getting old!), clubbing and party culture in general became a smaller part of my life. I met Lisa, Alex, and Betti as their student at yoga classes in different studios around Prague, at the time when the idea of having place like Prague Yoga Collective was just being born. Now, less than a year later, here we are in this very cool space where people come to do yoga, to make friends, just chill or meditate. I think it’s great, and I think a place like this was missed, or at least I missed places like this, in Prague. My yoga story is not very captivating, and the things that fascinate me on different layers of yoga as practice and philosophy wouldn’t fit here in the short BIO text anyway, But! What really feeds my soul in general is what some would call creative process - blending things and thoughts together, the aha moments when your brain wanders. And that’s what I am doing here in Prague Yoga Collective too. We started experimenting with DJ sets on Friday happy hour classes. I believe that music can really enhance the physical practice. At some level it is just like when a teacher assists their students. If a song builds up or the peak kicks in as students launch out into whichever posture, the music can be there for them to go for it and be in the moment. At the same time, yoga is a very intimate thing, and I see physical practice with the music element as just one of the ways, a special method, to expand the group experience when you practice with other people in a studio together. I am also now leaning towards working with sound healing instruments, soundbaths, methods how to use sound and 3D sound for relaxation, and looking for ways to combine these things together. The sets I have played so far at PYC are here for you to enjoy and come to some of our special classes with music and sounds!

Damian incorporates his music on our monthly Friday Lunar Rocket classes.

Juliann Beals


I am the lucky one that gets to call myself the social media manager / marketer for Prague Yoga Collective. I have been with PYC as a dedicated student from the second day they were open, and I was instantly hooked! Yoga is essential to my life, and it’s a key factor in maintaining my depression and the ugly bits of life. It’s also important in order to understand and appreciate all the wonderful things I do have in my life as well. It’s as well-rounded of a movement practice that I can find in one place, and I am eternally grateful that I clicked on that Facebook ad for “Yoga in English at Prague Yoga Collective” almost 3 years ago now, because I don’t think my life would be as bright as it is today.

Lisa, Betti, and Alex became very dear friends of mine, and I got to do their original re-branding of the website and logo in late 2017 / early 2018. A little further down the road, after many coffee hangouts and conversations, we came up with the idea that I would take over the social media. My background is in graphic design, and I love all things creative, so it was a natural step for all involved, I believe. I get to be a part of building this incredible community in a small way, and the girls trust me enough to “play around” with their visual brand. :) I’m honored to be a piece of the PYC puzzle and to have such great yoga friends! Come say hi to me if you see me practicing (and sweating buckets!) in the studio.