Teachers' Collective


Jana Röhlinger

I have always been a very active person, trying different kinds of sport in the past. I used to define sport as the kind of movement, where you will crazily sweat, run miles or be left totally depleted afterwards. Until I tried Yoga in 2010 – which changed my whole perception of sport and a healthy body and mind. Since then I am convinced that Asanas (the physical Yoga), Pranayamas (breathing techniques), and meditation (the mental and spiritual part) perfectly complete each other.

Originally, I am from Germany, but I couldn´t resist Prague´s beauty and that's why I moved to Czech Republic last year.

I did my 200h certified Yoga teacher training on a beautiful island in Thailand, specialized in Hatha-Vinyasa styles. I focus on alignment as well as detailed pose instructions. If you want to enjoy a nice, dynamic flow – join my class!

Besides Yoga you will find me riding my bike, travelling, outside in nature, in my meditation practice or enjoying healthy food and good company around me.



Tomáš Helbig

I like clear and real things in my life. I have never been excited about football, hockey or volleyball but I wanted to grow mentally and spiritually. Firstly I practiced Hatha but after some time I discovered system of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and fell in love with it. I count to 5 all the time.

Few years ago I decided to quit my job and started my yoga journey in India. I received a 200 hours yoga teacher training certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga from Sudha Anand Yogashala in Varkala and another one here in Prague.

I follow my teacher Láďa Pokorný here in Prague and Ty Landrum around the world.

I focus on deep breathing, Sanskrit counting method, clear vinyasas, core work and positive thinking.

Feel free to join my class, be sure you are going to be sweaty. Expect a strong vinyasa class or led Primary Series.





Andrea Kepková

After almost a decade of tough power yoga and vinyasa classes, I found the unhurried and conscious pace of hatha and ashtanga yoga. Thank Shiva! For years, I was stressing my body with great harshness, forced myself to sweat on the mat like an evil dictator and always had many critical things to tell myself. Exhausting just reading about it, right? It was. Luckily, I moved to Nepal for a dream job with an NGO, went to a random yoga studio in Kathmandu and found Dipendra, a teacher radiating light and acceptance. I already had a yoga teacher's training, what I didn't have was balls to teach He opened that door for me, as well as the door to a holistic approach to yoga asana: integrating one's full presence and breath in a steady, yet strong manner. I slowly learned how to observe my mind, my needs, all my figures and personas, from the higher point of view. From the unwavering, still and loving place. It's quite a relief to practice asana without the judgement, without the bully, without the mind's pressure and demands. That doesn't mean that we don't sweat in my class! Ohhh, we do! Our pace is dynamic but controlled and fully supported with the strength of ujjayi breath. Transitions between asanas are conscious and in every movement we seek balance between strength and easiness, effort and surrender. I love to start with a few micro exercises to open up the joints and nadis, energetic pathways, then start the blood flowing with some variations of Surya Namaskar and follow with a short „power“ core activation. Then build the heat and test the core with a fun standing, balancing sequence. At the end there is always an inversion (you can do it!) and a backbend, before we enjoy the stillness of the body and the mind in savasana. I'm looking forward to meeting you all – of course all levels are welcome, we can modify!