Rules of Operation


Provozní řád

Business Terms and Rules of Operation


1.1 These rules of Operation are binding in all Prague Yoga Collective Studios (Yoga Studio) operated by Lisa-Marie Wakenshaw (IČ: 07175582), Bernadett Rompos (IČ: 07174748) and Alexandra Rodoni (IČ: 02248051) conducting business at Prague -Vinohrady, Rejskova 1979/2, postcode 120 00, (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator").

Prague Yoga Collective is located at Rejskova 1979/2, Prague 2, Postal Code 120 00.

1.2 A client means any natural person who has been admitted to the Yoga Studio on the basis of prepaid one-time entry or participation in a course or seminar. Clients under the age of 18 can only use the yoga studio with the written consent of their parents.

1.3 The Client undertakes to inform and observe the Rules of Operation prior to entering and using the services of the Yoga Studio. The operating rules are published in the yoga studio, at

1.4 Opening hours and schedule of yoga classes are available at and in our Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application. The last option to enter the Yoga Studio is before the beginning of the last lesson of the day. Clients are required to leave the Yoga Studio premises by the end of the daily working hours at the latest. The operator reserves the right to schedule lessons at any time or cancel any of the scheduled lessons, in which case it will be announced in the Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application and on the schedule on our website

1.5 The Yoga Studio is designed for recreational sports use by the public, primarily for practicing yoga and other physical exercise.


2.1 In the Yoga Studio, the Client performs all his/her sporting activities at his/her own risk and responsibility. The client is not authorised to engage in sports activities in cases of illness, injury, or other disability in the Yoga Studio, or when using drugs or other substances that may affect his or her physical or mental abilities in any way.

2.2 The Client confirms that he/she is fully aware of his/her state of health, is physically and mentally competent to participate in the yoga class. If he/she has any health restrictions, he/she should have a consultation with a physician about the suitability of exercising yoga and inform the teacher about any restrictions or concerns before the lesson begins. In this case, the Client also uses the Yoga Studio under his own responsibility, and the teacher and the Operator are not liable for any personal injury.

2.3 The lecturer's instructions are only suggestions by which the client is guided at his/her discretion. The client notes that he or she may experience physical, mental, or emotional stress during the yoga class. The Operator is not responsible for the deterioration of the client's health due to excessive exercise during the class. The client is obliged to adapt the intensity and type of exercise to his/her state of health and current physical condition, i.e. the client should not exercise beyond his/her physical capacity and take breaks when needed.

2.4 Pregnant women may attend only specially-oriented pregnancy lessons only after the prior consent of the physician and from the 13th week of pregnancy. Pregnant women who have an established yoga practice may attend all other scheduled classes but only if the teacher of the particular class is informed and agrees. Prior consent of a physician is still necessary and any pregnant woman attending any class at Prague Yoga Collective understands that she is practicing on her own risk and responsibility.

2.5 The operator shall not be liable for any damage to the health or property of the client caused by another client or other persons located in the Yoga Studio.

2.6 The Client is required to behave in the Yoga Studio in a way that does not restrict or interfere with other clients when using the Yoga Studio facilities and services.

2.7 The Operator may refuse the client to enter and may report a client in case of aggressive and threatening behaviour, vandalism, or if their behaviour is threatening other clients or the reputation and interests of the Operator.

2.8 It is totally forbidden to enter the Yoga Studio under the influence of narcotic and psychotropic substances. Participation in a yoga lesson being drunk or in a drunk state is forbidden, and the client will then be reported by the Yoga Studio.

2.9 The Client is obliged, when using the Yoga Studio and Services, to observe the principles of personal safety, both for his own and other clients sake, and to respect the instructions of the Yoga Teachers and Staff. The Client is obliged to use the yoga facilities and premises only for their proper purposes. Safety, hygiene and fire protection principles are specified and maintained in these premises.

2.10 First aid is provided by the appropriate teacher or receptionist Yoga Studios. First aid treatment is provided at the reception of the Yoga Studio, which is equipped with a medical kit.

2.11 In the entire Yoga Studio, it is forbidden to smoke, manipulate fire, consume alcohol, bring or lead animals, enter the yoga area in inappropriate clothes, enter into spaces reserved for the opposite sex or behave contrary to good manners.

2.12 When entering the Yoga Studio, the client is required to report his or her name on the booking system under which they subscribe to the individual lessons or to purchase a one-time entry to the class. The Client is required to enter the Yoga Studio in appropriate yogawear/sportswear. The Client is obliged to adapt his sportswear to the principles of personal hygiene and decency. The Operator reserves the right to determine the conditions of appropriate clothing and also, at his/her discretion, ask a client who is not properly dressed to change or leave the class.

2.13 Exercise mats and props are available free of charge in the Yoga Studio. If these utilities are used by the client, it is important to properly clean and return the tools to the original location. The props and mats can be disinfected before and after use. The Client is required to treat the Yoga Studio equipment and services in a considerate manner and to behave in such a way as to allow undisturbed use of Yoga Studio's services, equipment and facilities to other clients. The Client is obliged to adhere to order and to prevent damage to the Yoga Studio, or to report any damage or deficiencies at the Yoga Studio.

2.14 Changing rooms are not designed to store valuables and other items of higher value (such as personal papers, jewellery, money, mobile phones, notebooks, laptops) stored in the Yoga Studio. In case of theft or loss of personal belongings, the Client is obliged to inform the receptionist immediately and contact the Police of the Czech Republic. No further notice of theft or loss will be taken into account. The Operator is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings in the Yoga Studio. The Client is obliged to inform the Operator about the occurrence of the damage immediately after he learned of the damage, i.e. before leaving the Yoga Studio on the given day. Where applicable, the Client is obliged to apply to the Operator without undue delay. The Yoga Studio changing room facilities are divided into male and female, each with its own sanitary facilities (showers and toilets).

2.15 There is free water or tea in the reception area of the Yoga Studio. Consumption is only possible in the reception area and it is not possible to bring glasses with drinks to the halls or to the changing rooms.

2.16 Unless explicitly stated in the relevant class, the Operator does not provide child care for the duration of the lesson. The presence of the child in the classroom is not advisable unless given child is old enough to sit still and be silent for the duration of the class. The Operator is not responsible any the child waiting in the Yoga Studio that has arrived with his/her parent.

2.17 In the case of Mama & Baby Yoga or Pregnancy Yoga, the Client practices at their own and their childs sole discretion and risk. Before being allowed to practice, the client must sign an extra consent form before being allowed to take part in the particular class.

2.18 There are no bicycles, scooters, etc. allowed in Yoga Studios.


3.1 Yoga Studio offers two forms of classes, Scheduled Studio Classes and Courses/Events/Workshops. Visiting both types of classes is subject to reservation. The price list is available at the Yoga Studio, and in the Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application.

3.2 For a Scheduled Studio Class, you can buy a one-time entry or entry in the form of a class pass. Class passes are limited in time, which is listed on The specific expiration date is always marked on the receipt in the MindBody Application.

3.3 Reservations for Scheduled Studio Classes go through the Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application which is free to download at the App Store for Apple IPhones and Play Store for Android phones. The first time the Client signs in to MIndBody, they create his/her client account by entering their personal information. If the mobile application can not be downloaded to the phone, the booking may also be via or via

3.4 Reservations for Scheduled Studio Classes are free of charge. The price of a one-time entry or a class pass (credit) is paid by bank transfer to the Operator's bank account held at:

Bernadett Rompos

(in case of payment identification is needed on the slip)

The MultiSport Card is accepted only for selected 60 min lessons under the conditions specified in Section 3.5 below. The number of reservations is not limited, it is possible to book one client per class. Booking for individual classes is possible 6 months before the class begins. The list of reserved open classes is displayed in the Prague Yoga Collective MindyBody Application. A visit to a class without reservation is possible, however, the Operator does not guarantee sufficient capacity and free space for the given class.

3.5 If a MultiSport card is used to pay for a Yoga Class, the reservation is only possible with a paid deposit and upon presenting a matching identification card. Each reservation of the classes requires a separate backup. When booked, this deposit is automatically credited and returned when the MultiSport card is signed in before the class begins. If the class is cancelled, the deposit is uploaded back to your MindBody account. This prepaid deposit is required to be held (the prepaid amount is not paid) and it is valid for 1 year from each application of the MultiSport card.

3.6 Reservation for Scheduled Studio Classes can be cancelled free of charge at least 3 hours before the start. If a Scheduled Studio Class is cancelled within a shorter period of time, the unused reservation is charged at the full cost of the lesson.

3.7 If the client does not appear 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the class, the Operator is entitled to cancel the client's reservation and to release it to other applicants, in which case the class is not charged to the Client. The Operator and the teacher are entitled to refuse the client entrance to the class on his late arrival, or to report it if he/she is inadequately dressed (according to paragraph 2.12) or repeatedly interferes with a switched on mobile phone, in which case the price for the class will not be returned. The Client may leave the class at any time, but in this case the price for the class will not be returned.

3.8 Courses/Events/Workshops reservations are available online via or in the Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application. Reservations for the Courses/Events/Workshops are confirmed by paying a deposit which is different for each Course/Event/Workshop. The reservation fee is non-refundable. The fee can be paid for in cash or through bank transfer, at the Yoga Studio. The remaining part of the price for the Course/Event/Workshop can also be paid for by bank transfer, or cash at the Yoga Studio (no later than the day of the Course/Event/Workshop).

3.9 The reservation fee of the Course/Event/Workshop is non-refundable, but it is possible to transfer it to another person on the basis of the written consent of the Operator. Upon cancellation of the Course/Event/Workshop reservation more than 3 weeks before it starts, the refundable price is deducted from the reservation fee, which will not be returned. Upon cancellation of the Course/Event/Workshop reservation in shorter term, the entire amount of the Course/Event/Workshop fee is non-refundable.


4.1 The Operator may at any time unilaterally modify or supplement these Operating Rules. The amended or supplemented Operating Rules become effective on the day of its publication in the Yoga Studio and via

4.2 The current version of the Operating Rules is always posted in the Yoga Studio, on the website and in the Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application.

4.3 Customer complaints and complaints about the quality of service or equipment in the Yoga Studio can be sent to our e-mail at

4.4 These Operating Rules are valid and effective as of 06.12.2018.


5.1 Data you provide yourself:

Data provided on these occasions:

· When registering with Prague Yoga Collective,

· When booking in Prague Yoga Collective MindBody Application or via

5.2 Information from other resources

Such resources include:

· Publicly available resources, including public registers and the Internet, if we need such information for example for the proper issuance of an accounting document or similar situations.

· Information we have received from third parties, especially the MindBody Application and the Mailchimp e-mail list.

5.3 Prague Yoga Collective can combine the information gathered from these sources with other information at its disposal.

5.4 How we use your data

Prague Yoga Collective uses the data collected for the following purposes:

- Provision of services

We use your personal information to provide you with the best possible service. We use them primarily to record Prague Yoga Collective visitors and bill our services to make it easier for you to make any further visits and to book classes. To that end, we need your personal data to meet what we offer.

- Bookkeeping

We may need your personal information to issue accountancy and bookkeeping. To that end, we need your personal information to comply with statutory accounting requirements.

- Sending business messages

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we may from time to time send you emails with news about Prague Yoga Collective services and events. You may receive these emails from us if you are our registered clients, as we reasonably believe that you are interested in this information. Should you still be bothered by these messages, please let us know or simply unsubscribe from the emails according to the instructions contained in each e-mail.

- Legal proceedings and defense of legal claims

The collected data may be used to investigate or settle disputes or legal claims, or in other cases permitted by applicable law.

5.5 Sharing and forwarding of data

Prague Yoga Collective can share the collected data:

- With our business partners

Prague Yoga Collective can provide information to its collaborators, suppliers, consultants, software providers, consultants and other service providers that we can not provide for ourselves. For example, MindBody, Mailchimp or our teachers. We would like to assure you that all our business partners are bound by the confidentiality obligation and comply with the applicable privacy laws.

- For legal reasons or in case of disputes

Prague Yoga Collective may share your data if required by law, regulations, service contracts, legal processes or government agencies.

· With the police and courts, state authorities or other third parties, if this is necessary to enforce our legal claims, if necessary to protect the rights or property of Prague Yoga Collective or third parties, or if there is a dispute or legal dispute over the provision of our services claims.

· With other parties in connection with possible mergers of companies, the sale of assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing or the transfer of Prague Yoga Collective or a part thereof to third parties.

- With your consent

Prague Yoga Collective can share your information in other ways if we notify you and you agree with it.

5.6 Your rights in relation to the processing of personal data

- Storing and deleting data

We keep your personal information for the duration of the contractual relationship with Prague Yoga Collective and, normally, three (3) years from your last visit or reservation. Your data will be erased or typed immediately after you request it (except in the cases below).

If the law allows, Prague Yoga Collective may retain some data after the retention period, in the following cases:

· If we resolve a problem like an unfinished case or a legal claim.

· If the law requires us, or if we keep this information in an aggregate or anonymous form.

· If we need such data for legitimate business purposes.

- Access your data

You can contact us at any time free of charge to inquire whether we process your personal information and, if so, request detailed information about this processing. You can use any of our contact information to do so.

- Change your data or error in the data

If any change in your personal information, such as a change in your name or email address, or if you find that we are working with your outdated or erroneous data, please let us know as soon as possible. You can use any of our contact information to do so.

- Revocation of consent

If you have given us permission to process personal data to send news and information about Prague Yoga Collective to your email, you can revoke your consent at any time by unsubscribing from emails according to the instructions contained in each email.

- Limitation of processing

If you believe that:

· We process your inaccurate data,

· Processing your data is illegal and you do not want to erase all data,

· We no longer need your information for the above purposes, but would like to use it for the defense of your legal claims, for example in court proceedings,

· You are bothered by our emails, although we thought you might be interested, you may ask us to limit the processing of only some of your personal data or for just some processing purposes.

- Data portability

You may contact us at any time so that we may forward your data to our third party to your specifications.

- Complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection

If you believe that we treat your data in violation of law, you may contact the Office for Personal Data Protection at any time.